Preparing for Blood Test


Q. What does it cost?

A. PCR costs 1.250,-. Antigen costs 500,-  and antibody costs 750,-/500,-

Q. How do I pay?

A. With all major credit cards at the time of the test.

Q. Do you accept cash?

A. No.

Q. Which test do I need?

A. You find that out from the embassy, the airline or

Q. When do I need to take the test?

A. That is according to the rules of the country you are travelling to. Again, your own responsibility to find out. 

Q. Is a certificate included?

A. Always. 

Q. I don´t need a certificate, will that make the test cheaper?

A. No, because a doctor is always responsible - should you prove positive or need follow-up. You pay for test, certificate and medical responsibility in a package. We don't separate that. 

Q. For how long is the certificate valid?

A. Again, the rules of the country decides how long in advance you can take the test. 

Q. When do I get the answer?

A. The day after the test, no later than 17.00 for the PCR. Within 15-20 minutes for antigentest. 

Q. Does it matter if I take the PCR-test early or late during the day - will I get the result faster if I take it in the morning?

A. No. The samples are being sent once daily to the lab.

Q. Is the certificate in English?

A. Yes.

Q. I travel on a Monday - when can I take the test?

A. You can take it whenever you want, but it will likely not be valid for travel since the clinic isn't open on weekends. 

Q. I travel on a Wednesday morning - when can I take the test?

A. Monday is a good guess, provided the rules of the country allow it. You will then get the result no later than 17.00 on Tuesday. 

Q. If I take a test on a Friday - will I get the result and certificate on a Saturday even if you are closed?

A. Of course! We finish what we have started.

Q. If I have questions - can I call you?

A. We have limited capacity to answer the phone. If you don´t get an answer you can always send a text message and we will call bac, 

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Text message, chat, e-mail.  Plenty of options.

Q. What if I don´t get my certificate?

A. If you haven't received it during the evening send a text message.

Q. Is the clinic in Västerås?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. What is your address?

A. Stora Gatan 44 A

Q. Do you have drop-in?

A. No, you have to make a reservation for a certain time.

Q. How do I book?

A. Click on the buttons on the first page which will take you to on-line booking. 

Q. I don´t have a Swedish personnummer, can I still do the test?

A. Yes.